Little Moneybags Consortium War Tips

Time: 2019-09-09 22:03

As shown in the screenshot, if you want to upgrade your Consortium, you need to get a certain amount of industries.

How do you acquire the industries?

First, we can see that there are three classes of Business War: Low, Medium and High. New players should start with Low. Once you win a Business War, you’ll get some industries (higher class means obtaining more industries). Don’t worry, losing a Business War won’t cost you any industry you’ve already earned.


During a Business War, you will claim victory as long as you have the advantage in 2 out of 3 different types of funds. Therefore, you can give priority to 2 types of fund so that you have a better chance of winning. If you fear that you didn’t allocate sufficient fund, you can carry out an Emergent Injection during the first 5 seconds of a Business War by using Diamonds.


You also have a chance to get industries via the Lucky Draw.


Can’t wait to see you back in the game!

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